Listen To Those Crazy Crows

Listen to those crazy crows
after the thunderstorm

caw – caw – caw

like birdsong wrenched from the throat
of a black-feathered prince
enchanted in a fairy tale

why am I here
who put that spell on me
caw – caw – caw
look at this old watermelon they threw out
the sun is nice and hot
come sit on this branch, my dear.

caw – caw – caw

I am a crow up high
on the branches of a delicious pine
and my prince is disguised too
so that we can hide from the angry king
and the witch and the goblin
and seek and find…

safe in the blue sky we cry
wrapped in our feathers that make us invisible
we hide
screaming our jokes, our injunctions, our news …
yes, we’re having a tremendous time.

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