This Stone, This Dawn

The time being is being in time
right now – here – this moment
this breath, this smile, this piece of stone

We all know that. It’s what the sages say.
but it’s gathering the energy to stay
this way
that is so hard.
like a great wave crashing over us
and sweeping away back out to sea
we’re back to long ago
or thinking about the next big wave
or what’s below.

But see – even while we wait
we’re soaked in the ocean of time
of being
the waves are only brief images
like a shimmering mirage
in the desert heat
or a single heart beat

yes the desert is time – not the mirage
and the heart is time – not the heart beat
and the ocean is time – not the wave

Be mindful of that – and be at peace
You’re always here: this moment, this breath,
this stone, this dawn.

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