WriteSpa #57 – Spring Kisses

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How do we write about kissing and kisses and all the delightful pleasurable possibilities that accompany one of the loveliest activities in the world?

Now, I’m not necessarily just talking about kissing on the mouth, or having fun with tongue! What about those extraordinary moments when a stranger kisses your arm with a fingertip? Or the spring sunshine kisses your eyelids? Or a lover you thought you knew well surprises you with kisses on the back of your knees or the underside of your wrist?

The thing to remember when you write about kisses – and, even better, when you experience them! – is to become aware of all your five senses. Don’t get lost in your head. That’s why surprise is so marvelous: it brings you instantly into the moment. So stop thinking about where this relationship is going (or where it’s been), and instead become conscious of the temperature of the air around you, the fragrance of the pikake lei, the salty waves buoying you. Listen to the owl hoot or the music from a neighbor’s piano floating through an open window. Taste and touch are good, but so are smell and sound. By becoming aware of sensation, you become aware of being in the present moment, and when you’re in the present moment with a kiss, it’s magnified a thousandfold.

You don’t have to be in a relationship to experience kisses. Kisses come in every form: in the breeze, or meeting your lips in a mirror, or kissing a rose, or snuggling with your cat. Think about kisses as a blessing, and remember that you can bless yourself – you don’t need someone else to do it for you.


Fun Writing Practice – Writing about Kisses

Practice the art of surprise. If you don’t have a lover to practice this with, use nature or a pet. Be creative. See that tree, with the sap running through its veins with the passion of springtime? What does it feel like to press your lips against its gorgeous bark?

Every day for one whole week, find something different to kiss and then write a detailed description of the experience.  See that door that you go through every day? Maybe you haven’t really paid attention to it – seen its lovely wood, or the scratch that reminds you of a story. Doors are portals into yourself: kiss the door and write down what it feels like (remember to use all your senses – what do you hear? Is there a dog barking somewhere? Is it windy?)

Be creative in your kisses. Kissing your child’s forehead when she doesn’t expect it brings joy to you both. Kissing your puppy brings you joy – that’s why people cuddle and kiss puppies! Kissing is a good thing.

But you don’t need a child or a puppy to experience that joy – kiss your life. Surprise yourself.


Daily Happinesses

  • Snuggling into the sleeping bag
  • Fresh beignets for breakfast
  • A friendly arm around your shoulder
  • Real gold coins pouring down your chimney
  • Redemption
  • Lace gloves and silk stockings
  • Making sense of things

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