Poems from the Oasis

Just published!

WriteSpa Press announces its new release: Poems from the Oasis.

This is a compilation of… poems I wrote, loosely based on the idea of a year-long journey through life. We’re all travelers, and we all need a rest sometimes.

It’s available on Amazon and ebook version also available through Smashwords.

Here’s one from page 62:

Let the Grass Grow

You can’t pull up a blade of grass
hoping to make it grow faster

you can’t speak words
that won’t be heard

you can’t hear music
without silence

Give it rest. Let it breathe.
Forgive yourself.

All you have to do right now
is listen to the river flow
and let the grass grow.




2 thoughts on “Poems from the Oasis

  • Morning Benediction

    On the slate of morning I write my day
    Inscribed with simple symbols that cast the spell.
    I close my eyes and breathe the trees.
    I suck the day into my bones, and integrate,
    knowing it is all an extension of myself.
    My senses stretch and feel the melody
    played on the strings of morning
    I hold still for a moment in eternity
    as my dreams entwine
    and flow through its timelessness
    Deep pools of thought gather at my feet
    and rise to give me drink.
    I rise on the swelling tide
    and reach to the horizon
    on this new day
    in the continuing search
    for something so long lost
    among the wastes
    and feel into endlessness
    for that which I know
    Is somewhere there in plain view
    Something I hid from myself
    beyond time
    and I know
    when I grow
    wise enough
    it will show
    and it will be me
    no longer lost.
    Until then
    I know
    I am the morning
    in all its glory and promise

    L D Sledge
    January 29 2009

    L D Sledge
    1516 Colony Court
    Palm Harbor, Florida 34683
    727 667 1191
    L D Sledge, Author
    Author page: http://www.ldsledge.com
    blog: http://www.spotofsledge.blogspot.com

    Author: “Dawn’s Revenge,” “Command Influence,” “Nimrod’s Peril.” (Available at Amazon Kindle: Click on— Nimrod’s Peril or Command Influence on Kindle for the ebook, or buy paperback ) Co-author of No Fail Hiring with Patrick Valtin.

    “We’re all the products of the teachers, the parents, the friends, the rivals that have shaped us along the way.” David McCollough, author of “1776,” a fantastic story about George Washington.

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