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Death of a CureWould humanitarians kill?

Steve Jackson wrote a thriller novel about people we think are “doing the good”: finding a cure for the incurable. He calls them “the caretakers of our hope.” But could these humanitarians be involved in a cruel duplicity, a personal deceit, phenomenal in its audacity, an evil means to a selfish end? Have they come to see the disease, our enemy, as their benefactor? Just how far would they go to protect that benefactor?

Would they actually kill?

Read his book to find out! Steve Jackson joined me on WriteSpa’s BlogTalkRadio¬†Thursday, May 9 at 6:00 PM EST. He talked about what fueled this highly-charged story in the first place and how it evolved as he wrote it.

Steve H JacksonAs an internationally recognized expert in several areas of high technology and their marketplaces, Steve Jackson has provided business leaders with the insight necessary to acquire and integrate complementary technology and its supporting organization. He has also assisted Fortune 100 companies in the analysis of emerging technologies helping them to make strategic decisions. Most recently, he founded (along with his wife, Claudia) the hugely successful independent publishing company known as Telemachus Press.

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