Tom Lowery on Spreading the Love

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Tom LoweryTom’s been been working for years to come up with a way in which he can do two things: create a concept wherein everyone wins, and develop a career that he can own – one that suits him as much as it does anyone else.

He spent over thirty years helping others be successful, and he’s written articles for magazines like Cinescape, produced events for larger projects like UKwithNY and his own events like MainMission:2000.

More recently, he’s been collaborating with Cheryl Snapp Conner who writes a Forbes blog. 

His own blog, Thinking Out Loud, is the beginning of an exciting new project he’s formulating which will enable writers and artists with their promotional efforts.

He says: “I firmly believe that, by virtue of helping others – spreading the love by supporting each other and shoring each other up – we not only grow with the experience, but learn and gain good and supportive friends and allies who appreciate our abilities and strengths.”

He’ll be joining WriteSpa on BlogTalkRadio this Thursday, May 23 at 6 PM EST. We’ll talk about creativity, money, happiness, entrepreneurship, and maybe he’ll even tell us a bit about his own book he’s writing.

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