writespa01On Thursday, June 13, at 6 pm ET, WriteSpa’s BlogTalkRadio show welcomes Steve Jackson, founder and partner of Telemachus Press, to the show. Steve will answer your questions about independent publishing: advantages, pitfalls to be wary of, suggestions, recommendations, and lots of specifics. He IS the expert on indie publishing, having published hundreds of authors, including the bestselling John Locke and Lawrence Block.

Here are more upcoming sizzling summer guests on WRITESPA – An Oasis for Writers:

Steve H JacksonJune 27:  Cheryl Snapp Conner of Snapp Conner PR … July 4: Fireworks! … July 11: Cristina Hadzi of Hadzi Interiors … July 18: Meg Bertini of GoalsHappenHere … July 25: Kathy DeCosmo of Katie Shea Design … August 1: Victoria Wynn ofThe Lies I Tell


Want a preview? Here you go …

Asnapp-Cheryl color-OJune 27: Cheryl Snapp Conner, founder and managing partner of Snapp Conner PR, is an expert in public relations. If you are interested in turning your writing into a business, you need to hear what she has to say. She has experience in delivering compelling corporate messaging and PR strategy, blending traditional PR with social media and new communications media. Her client base and offerings span startups, growth companies, and established ventures as well as public companies. She’ll give us tips, encouragement, and plenty of advice on how to throw ourselves into the great big world of marketing and promoting our books. Cheryl is a popular contributor to the Entrepreneurs channel at Forbes

hadzi2July 11: Cristina Hadzi of Cristina Hadzi Interiors will help you create beautiful, intriguing, and purposeful interiors in your writing. Design is not just about how something looks, it’s how it makes you feel. Although I’ve known Cristina since we were in third grade together at the Overseas School of Rome, and could say a lot about her, here’s an excerpt from her “real” bio: “Cristina opened her design firm in 1995 after apprenticeships with leading interior designers such as Robert Currie, Richard Keith Langham, and T. Keller Donovan … Her love of juxtaposing periods and styles, unusual color combinations, luxurious fabrics and original materials is balanced with understanding that certain projects call for tailored simplicity and modern elegance as well. Her practice includes private residences in Manhattan, London, and Paris, and summer homes in the Hamptons and Connecticut.”

MegBertini-150x150July 18: Meg Bertini of GoalsHappenHere has a passion for helping you achieve your personal and business goals. As she says, “Figuring out, setting, and keeping goals may not be easy, natural and enjoyable for you, but everyone wants to be successful and happy.” Meg has worked in book publishing, legal recruiting, freelance writing, and coaching. She’s chosen a path that allowed her to follow her dreams, and now she helps others follow theirs.

Kathy's RosesJuly 25: Entrepreneur and social media expert Kathy DeCosmo of Katie Shea Design will give you some great ideas on connecting and growing your writing business. I’ve known Kathy practically since the birth of Twitter, and she’s been one of my strongest, staunchest supporters from the moment I first dipped my toe in the brave new world of independent publishing. I always admired her way of engaging in social media and I learned so much from her about being an entrepreneur. Kathy is a partner in the Chatterworks Group and a contributor to the DailyBasics – A Lifestyle Directory.

August 1: Victoria Wynn, author of “The Lies I Tell.”

August 8: Patrick H. Moore, host of the celebrated blog.

August 15: Beverly McCabe: CEO of Innfinity, where you can book and manage rooms, travel, or both, all from their signature one-screen design. We’ll talk about writing and travel, and also what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

August 22Angil Tarach-Ritchey: Senior care expert and bestselling author of “Behind the Old Face: Aging in America and the Coming Elder Boom.” Angil is an RN and a consultant with 30+ years in eldercare & advocacy.

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