WriteSpa 85 – Seeing the Future

hodja002.jpgWe are sometimes told that ordinary people cannot see into the future. But is that true?

Is the future really just a great grab bag of impenetrable blackness?

What happens if it turns out that you’re looking into the future all the time, predicting it accurately, making it happen as you choose, arranging it as if it were actually present?

the road to the marketLet me give you an example. When you decide to go to the market, there are number of things you need. You depend on them. You count on the shop to remind you of other items you need or want. You predict, because you know, that the shop will be open. You predict you will need the car to take you there, you predict that a parking space will materialize for you, you count on that. You can imagine the road, the traffic at this hour of the day, the rain falling … the flowers by the side of the road … whatever is usual in your area.

Venice Beach Jan 2013You predict stopping for a light lunch. Perhaps you think ahead and plan to call a friend. You do call her, just as you had forecast, and she agrees to meet you, just as you expected. After lunch, you go to the shop as you had foreseen you would. All items are placed on the shelves as you knew (predicted) they would be. Tomatoes, bread, impulse items near the checkout. And so on. There are small changes, also as you expected. Afterward, you take your groceries home as you had foreseen you would. Your home is still there, as you knew it would be. Toward evening, you prepare dinner with your newly-bought materials, just as you had prophesied. Your family or guests arrive as expected, or perhaps you are alone – also as you envisioned. Later you prepare for bed, just as you imagine. You brush your teeth as you envisioned, you tuck into bed as you had foreseen.

All is as you prophesied.

Far from not seeing into the future, you have been doing almost nothing else all day long.


Writing Practice – Forecast the Future

Try seeing into the future for the next fifteen minutes yourself. You don’t need a crystal ball, or fortune-telling cards, or tea leaves.

FoolJust be aware of each thing you are about to do, and note that you are predicting it. When you are about to get out of your chair, predict it first. If you go to the tap for some water because you feel thirsty, foretell it.

When you begin another task, or go for a walk, or answer the phone, note that you are about to do so.

Get comfortable with the future. It will help you make bigger changes. If you are blocked or stuck in your writing, predict breaking through that block.

You live and count on your future just as much, maybe more, than the past. Half of your fears and anxieties come from not understanding that.

Imagine time is all around you, on top of you, beneath you, in front of you, behind you. Think of it as inside you, unfolding like petals on a rose stem.

You already can shape the future directly, as you just saw. It’s now time to count on that.

Imagine what you really want, picture the moments you really like best, envision the times that work for you, and that inspire you.

It’s time to foresee.

It’s time to see for yourself.


Mum and SeagullThis is an excerpt from my forthcoming book How to Begin…Anything, which is based on a manuscript my mother wrote many years ago. If you’d like to receive an Advance Review eCopy, email me at winslow@winsloweliot.com and I’ll add you to the list. 

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