Writing a Screenplay or a Novel?

4_3_12 first trip to Ojai b(1)JON ZELAZNY has worked extensively as an actor in local theater, radio, sketch and improv comedy, as well as writing and directing five short films.

After graduating from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, he began his Hollywood career with producer Joel Silver at Warner Bros., then worked for many years in creative support of acclaimed German director Uli Edel, with occasional forays into studio marketing, story analysis, script development, editing consultant, and television publicity.

As a screenwriter, he performed polishes, rewrites, and full rewrites on features and made-for-cable films, was twice commissioned to adapt historical non-fiction books, and six of his original screenplays have earned eleven recognitions in seven major screenwriting competitions. He has interviewed writers, director, actors, and producers for the websites The Hollywood Interview and Eight Million stories, and is currently working on his second and third novels.

We are delighted to welcome Jon Zelazny to WriteSpa’s BlogTalkRadio show this Thursday, October  3 at 6 pm ET (5 CT, 4 MT, and 3 PT.)

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