Winslow speaks with entrepreneur Christina Lattimer

Our guest this week is Christina Lattimer, a leadership coach and consultant based in the United Kingdom and working globally. She has Leadership Expertise, is an MBTI Practitioner and owner of People Discovery, and a Leadership Coach/Consultancy.

Her specialties include: Leadership Development, Management Development, Leadership Coaching, Performance Coaching, Bespoke Leadership Programs and Mentoring programs.

Her latest endeavor is founding the e.MILE Community, a community is for Leaders, Managers, HR Professionals and Business Services involved in the People Management and Development Field. The Community exists to share and promote Leadership Expertise, Leadership and Management Development, Expert HR and Personal Development

She helps leaders develop their leadership skills and expertise, and provides leadership development solutions, along with a number of employee engagement strategies.

2 thoughts on “Winslow speaks with entrepreneur Christina Lattimer

  • Thank you so much for having Christina Lattimer on your show. I have so wanted to meet her and I feel like I’m a bit more familiar with her now. I admire her view of leadership. I don’t think of myself as a leader of others but by her definition we are all leaders and it’s so important to be strong self-leaders and become self-aware before trying to lead anyone else.

    I enjoyed hearing Christina describe her background and journey and learning about her leadership model.

  • I’m so glad – and yes, Christina was a great guest on the radio show. And I agree too with how she described self-leadership as the new form of guiding others, rather than the old way of seeing it, which was more ‘my way or the highway.’ Thus leadership becomes more collaborative and, in the long run, more productive. I enjoyed visiting your site too, by the way:

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