A Counterculture Diva: Dolores De Luce

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Dolores Deluce

WOW!! I am so excited about this week’s WriteSpa’s BlogTalkRadio show!! Dolores De Luce is the author of a tumultuous, hilarious, heart-breaking, and brave memoir called “My Life, A Four Letter Word.”

In it, she takes us on the bumpy ride from her grey days in New Jersey through her escape to the refuge of the tumultuous post-Stonewall days in ‘70s Los  Angeles and Gay San Francisco. After giving birth to a mixed-race daughter and being rejected by her Italian American family, Dolores creates a new family with the most unlikely people under the most unusual circumstances.

Dolores Deluce2So join host Kendell Shaffer and WriteSpa on BlogTalkRadio, on Thursday, December 19 at 5 pm ET / 2 pm PT. We’ll hear how Dolores lived with notorious film legend Divine, being befriended by John Waters, and selling barbiturates to most of the pill-popping homos on the West coast, “and then sleeping with half of them when their high kicked in.” And for you John Waters fans: Edie Massey proclaimed Dolores the illegitimate daughter of Divine and Rip Taylor, and declared her  the winner of $1.98 Beauty Show. Even Joan Rivers approved of her racy video that the Fox censors deemed too dirty to air on her late night talk show.

Dolores was nominated for ‘Best Performer’ by Bay Area Credits Association for Broken Dishes, a musical she co-wrote with Amber Waves. She’s been the Artistic Director for S.P.A.R.C., a non-profit public art center in Venice, and received critical acclaim for the lead role in a musical she wrote called “The Last Dance of The Couch Potatoes,” produced by S.P.A.R.C. and performd at The Powerhouse Theater and The Odyssey Theater in Los Angeles. “Grace Happens,” a screenplay based on her memoir, was semi finalist at the Austin Screenwriting Competition.

Dolores lives in Venice Beach and continues to write and act in TV commercials and films; she writes and performs with Queer Wise, an LGBTI senior writer’s collective, and she can be seen story-telling at The Moth, Tasty Words, Everybody Loves a Good Story, and other spoken word venues around town. Here’s her book trailer for a wild ride.

Here she is on Facebook and TwitterShe’s also been reviewed in the prestigious Lambda Literary Journal


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