Winslow Eliot interviewed on LifeScape Radio

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What Would_I’m honored to be a guest on Kosmic Koffee With Kooch Daniels – a weekly radio show that Kooch hosts on LifeScape Radio.  If you missed the show, you can still listen to the archive, above. 

We talked about my award-winning self-help book: “What Would You Do If There Was Nothing You Had To Do? Practices to create your life the way you want it to be” as well as lots of other things!

KoochKooch is the author of books on astrology, tarot, and palmistry. I think she’s amazing.  If you have questions or comments during the show, you can call 657-383-0827 or join the chat room.

Wednesday, June 11 at 4 pm East Coast time/1 pm Pacific time.

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