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This week on WriteSpa’s BlogTalkRadio I’ll be talking with Betty Eitner, founder of “Inspired by my Mom.” This is a place to discover stories about some of the most beloved and inspirational women in all our lives: our mothers, grandmothers, and even (as in my case) great-grandmothers. Through the years, Betty had been hearing many extraordinary accounts of women whose stories had not be shared beyond family members and close friends. Few of them considered themselves special or different, and yet they had provided courage, guidance, and love to many others. She felt those lives should be documented and not forgotten.

Betty's mom

Regina, Betty’s mom

Her own mother’s story was the first one she posted: “Remembering My Mom and Her Incredible Life”. Her mother had lived through a war in a labor camp, and was later a displaced person without a country. Still, she raised a family, and when she finally settled in Canada, she wanted those around her to realize how lucky they were to be living in a country safe from strife of war.

So please join us on Thursday, August 26 at 5 pm on BlogTalkRadio and hear stories of unsung female heroines who influenced, inspired, and encouraged us.  They are made up of our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, friends, teachers, mentors, and all the other women that have come into and passed through our lives.  They have all left an impact and many of us may not have had the opportunity to recognize or acknowledge them at the time.

Betty says: “My inspiration to start this blog was my mom and the millions of women out there who have lived full lives.  They have lived through changing times and challenging life events.  The have had experiences that sometimes may have seemed impossible to manage yet they persevered and came out stronger for it.”

My mother: Jane Winslow Eliot

My mother: Jane Winslow Eliot

Inspired by My Mom is designed to give us all a chance to share the stories of these great women of different generations and backgrounds. Betty Eitner welcomes your stories. Please contact her.

WriteSpa Oasis is a place for refreshment and enjoyment during your writing journey. We offer mentoring, coaching, editing, publishing consulting services, as well as different and original ways of approaching writing, which include writing practices designed to rejuvenate and inspire you.

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