Mystery & Mayhem AWARD WINNER

sati-rider-final-frnt-cvrSATI AND THE RIDER has been named a Mystery & Mayhem’s  FIRST PLACE 2014 Award Winner.

“The M&M Awards recognize emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of cozy mysteries novels. The First Place Category Winners will be recognized at the Chanticleer Authors Conference and Awards Gala held in late September 2015.”

Congratulations to ALL the winners!

Here’s a link to SATI AND THE RIDER on Amazon. “When a charming young man brings an unexpected delivery, Sati’s life is changed forever. Thrown into an adventure of hide-and-seek, fraud, murder, and a strange cult, the bold and alluring intuitive counselor uses her powers to follow a mysterious trail to its surprising revelation.”

sati-clover-frontThe second book in the Satyana Mystery Series is SATI AND THE CLOVER: “It looks as though Sati’s lucky new client might possess a winning lottery ticket. But does she? Then why is she so frightened? Sati is determined to find out. Bold and curious, she searches for a murderer in some unlikely places, only to find herself alone on a dangerous Scottish sea cliff, where she realizes that a four-leaf clover doesn’t always signify good luck.”

The series features Satyana as a psychic sleuth and the titles are based on the intriguing Lenormand divination deck, which has 36 cards. Coming next: SATI AND THE SHIP.

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