Saturday is Saturn’s day, a day to take care of tasks that need doing, things you’ve put off, attend to details, responsibilities, and work. We may imagine the planet Saturn’s energy to be gloomy and heavy, but in truth his desire is that we take care of the business of living so that we can be free to become our fullest potential.

Saturn is the planet of authority, discipline, and commitment. It can bring up resistance and delay in your life, which is why it has a reputation of hardship and difficulty. But it’s only when you meet your responsibilities that you are truly free.

Saturn’s color is dark blue or indigo, and so today notice dark blues around you, whether it’s in someone’s clothing, or a coffee mug, or the deep night sky cupping your world around. 

Indigo is the color of the third eye chakra, located on your forehead between your eyebrows. Become aware of that place today. Touch it. And when you look at other people, notice their brows, and imagine a beautiful rich deep mysterious indigo color emanating from their foreheads.

Saturn rules the zodiac sign of Capricorn, the mountain goat. When someone tells you they’re a Capricorn, imagine the qualities of a mountain goat. This person drawn to inward high mountains, craggy cliffs, and the challenge of leaping to still another rocky ledge, perhaps one they can barely see. They like to focus. Their nature is serious. Even having fun can be a serious endeavor for them.

A wonderful task for Saturday, besides cleaning and paying bills, is to let go of what no longer serves you. Even symbolically it is a good practice to choose one thing to clear out or give away on this day. You’ll feel that you open space in your life for what your heart truly desires.

Now look at your hands: your Saturn finger is the middle one. Does it seem straight, strong, firm at the base, and with a solid mound beneath it on the palm? Then you can be sure you are meeting all the responsibilities and tasks that Saturn requires of you. But ask yourself this: Are you enjoying life? Sometimes a too-predominant Saturn finger says that you’re living too much in a land of ‘shoulds’ instead of joy.

On the other hand, if your middle finger seems delicate or curvy, and the mound beneath it very soft then it’s time to tackle your responsibilities and take them more seriously. Your hands change through the choices you make with your brain and the activities you then do.

Other interesting aspects of Saturday include:

Saturday’s archangel is Uriel. Uriel is also associated with the solar plexus chakra and the planet Uranus. He is the archangel of Light and Wisdom—he shines light into chaos.

Saturn’s number is eight, which is a number of manifesting your ideals into the physical world.

In the tarot, Saturn is represented in the major arcana by Death. He represents time, and he also rules bones, teeth, structure, and material reality.

According to Rudolf Steiner and biodynamic principles, his tone is G, his tree is the Beech, his vowel is oooh, his crystal is onyx, he rules the spleen, his grain is corn. Our Saturday’s task is to pay attention to our thoughts and ideas, and only think significant thoughts, to discriminate between the essential and non-essential, to discern truth from opinion.

Most importantly, Saturn’s metal is lead. Thus, Saturn is the planet of alchemists, for it is our age-old search to turn lead into gold that most vividly drives us to meet the responsibilities, work, and tasks that Saturn brings to our everyday consciousness.

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