Friday’s name comes from Freya or Frigga, the Norse goddess of love. In Greek mythology she is called Aphrodite, and in Rome her name was Venus.

Friday is ruled by the planet Venus.

Venus is the planet of love and beauty, and also harmony, relationships, peace, well-being.

Her color is green. Today is a wonderful day to notice green, wear green, absorb the peaceful, nurturing, growing, healthy colors of all the greens that are in the world.

Green is the color of the heart chakra – become aware of the lush green in your own heart, and begin to notice a green glow in other peoples’ heart chakras.

Venus rules two zodiac signs: Taurus _ and Libra  d. People born with their sun in these two signs greatly value harmony, beauty, peace, and relationships.

Taureans value the security, stability, and harmony of things having to do with our physical existence on earth, including fragrances, the fine arts, foods, and love of a deeply loyal, devotional sort. Their symbol is the Bull, but I feel the symbol of the peaceful Sacred Cow is more apt for these people.

Romantics at heart, Librans also tend to be wonderful mediators, always wanting to work things out, being able to see both—or all—sides of a situation. Their symbol is a set of Scales: they tend to weigh things, mull things, and can over-think. Balancing head and heart is often their task in life. More than any other sign, they value their human connections.

Here’s a wonderful practice to do if you’re feeling stressed or are having an argument: go outside in the early evening (or early morning, depending on when Venus  is visible) and bathe in her serenity and calm. Let her rays penetrate your heart, as she hangs low on the horizon in a luminous sky, and feel her peace.

Now look at the palm of your hand. Venus rules the mound under your thumb. This area is ideally plump, firm but not hard, and smooth. When you see a line embedding it horizontally or sloping downward, that may signify hurt or trauma—and it can be healed simply by gently massaging the line upward and moving that energy out of your psyche.

In the tarot, Venus is represented by the Empress card, that lovely, fertile, creative, nourishing being, often gowned in emerald green.

Friday’s archangel is Arial – the angel of nature. It’s a wonderful practice to become increasingly aware of all the elemental beings that exist in everything around you. Every single thing has spirit, has energy. Every flower, every tree. Every drop of rain, every sunbeam, every earthworm. Notice the life force within each thing, and feel it with the green loving energy of your heart as it connects to all the spirit beings around you. All the earth wants to do is love you. Let her.

Here are more qualities of Venus that you can bring to consciousness on Fridays:

Venus’s stone is agate (or any green crystal), her metal is copper, her tree is the birch, she connects with the kidneys, her musical tone is F, her vowel is Aaah, her grain is barley.

Friday’s number is six, which is associated with both Venus and Friday.

According to Rudolf Steiner, the day is one of pursuing “Right Memory.” We need to learn from our experiences and from our encounters with everyone we meet, because those experiences will positively influence our decisions and actions in the future.

I use Fridays as a day for beautifying – either my home, my garden, or myself. It’s a day to soothe your mind with fragrances or flower essences, and to pamper your soul by curling up by the fire with a delicious book, or sharing a pot of tea with a good friend, or bathing in candlelight.

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