July 7, 2008

Teaching and Learning

Waldorf Education has always been a part of Winslow’s life. She and her brother were among the earliest Waldorf home-schooled children when their parents took them on a trip around the world. She spent several months in Jean Zay’s class at the Rudolf Steiner School of New York City, before moving to Italy and then to England. She graduated twelfth grade from Michael Hall School in Sussex, England, with Advanced Level Degrees in English, History, and French, and the Certificate for the Use of English.

College – career – marriage followed. When her own children were in pre-school and kindergarten, she co-formed a home-schooling Waldorf playgroup in New York City, before moving to the Berkshires where they attended the Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School. Amazingly, her daughter Samantha’s class teacher was also Jean Zay!

Winslow received her High School Waldorf Teaching Certification from the Center for Anthroposophy in New Hampshire. High School courses she has taught at the Berkshire Waldorf High School, the Honolulu Waldorf School, and the Waldorf School of San Diego include History Through Language, The Novel, The Odyssey, Parzival, Poetry, The Romantics, Shakespeare, World Religions and a wide variety of creative, expository, and journalistic writing classes. She also taught middle school English and some main lessons at the Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School.

Her favorite advice she received while at the Waldorf High School Teacher Training was from Douglas Gerwin, director of the program:

“Never forget the four F’s:

be fair,
be firm,
be flexible,
And if all else fails . . .

be funny.”

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