February 17, 2010



The Satyana Mysteries: A new mystery series – featuring a fortune-telling sleuth! 

Satyana – or Sati, as her friends call her – is a bold and alluring intuitive counselor, who’s smart, fiercely loyal, has a big heart and a knack for getting into trouble.

SATI AND THE RIDER: In her first adventure, a charming young man brings an unexpected delivery and her life is changed forever. She’s thrown into an adventure of hide-and-seek, fraud, murder, and a strange cuchanticleerlt, and she needs to use all her powers to follow a mysterious trail to its surprising end.

…and it’s a FINALIST in Chanticleer’s prestigious Mystery&Mayhem awards! 

sati-clover-frontSATI AND THE CLOVER: It looks as though Sati’s lucky new client might possess a winning lottery ticket. But does she? Then why is she so frightened? Sati is determined to find out. She searches for a murderer in some unlikely places, only to find herself alone on a dangerous Scottish sea cliff, where she realizes that a four-leaf clover may not always signify good luck



“Winslow Eliot’s writing style…is a mixture of: part Mary Higgins Clark, in that both authors weave a web of intrigue within their spellbinding thrillers; part Virginia Woolf, in sentence structure and character development; with a dash of Danielle Steel, delving into the dregs of human nature. I highly recommend it.” Dee Marie, author of Sons of Avalon series.


“It’s a colorful, exotic, danger-filled adventure that bristles with scientific and alchemical speculation, a thriller that makes you sensitive to the sound of a computer in a dark room–and then its absence. It skips like a stone to Malibu, Milan, Sydney, Varese…an optimistic book. Awe and wonder are with us throughout.” Robert MacLean, author of The President’s Palm Reader, the Toby Series, Greek Island Murder, and others.


“Winslow Eliot is a talented writer and story weaver, gradually drawing you in and leaving you wondering where the time has flown when you only intended to read a chapter or two.”  Peggy Edelheit, author of the Samantha Jamison novels.



“Don’t start this one late at night or you won’t get any sleep. Deftly plotted and highly recommended.” – Rendezvous

In the peaceful New England countryside, a shot rings out… and a pretty farm girl disappears with a scandalous secret that could destroy a political empire.


Happiness-cover-kindleTHE HAPPINESS CURE

Happiness for sale!

The Happiness Guru offers everyone’s dream… for a price.

For Kairi, he offers even more. Much more.

Will she bite?

Will a charming stranger save her … or lead her deeper into a trap?

Is love better than happiness?

As whirlwind events escalate, Kairi is plunged into intrigue and danger. She has to determine what happiness really means—for her.



(Telemachus Press 2012)

A compilation of WriteSpa – An Oasis for Writers newsletters. “Winslow Eliot knows a writer’s soul intimately because she herself is a writer, and a fine one at that. She has used this first-hand knowledge and her considerable creative gifts to bring forth an oasis for each season, where wordsmiths can “nourish and revitalize” their relationship with Writing.”


Self-FC-(What-Would)What Would You Do If There Was Nothing IEx_goldoval_winner150You Had To Do?
Practices to create your life the way you want it to be.
“A brilliant and beautiful companion to the soul’s evolution. Ms. Eliot’s gentle guidance, wisdom, and practical exercises make the journey a joy.”
—Dr. Jan Seward, Clinical Professor of Naturopathic Medicine, Psychologist, Creative Arts Therapist


Poems from the OasisPoems from the Oasis: A collection of poems written by a fellow traveler through life and the author’s experiences on the journey. The poems reflect themes of mysticism, despair, illumination, happiness, truth, beauty, and love.



Illustrated Atlas of Native American History (Saraband 1999) Ed. Samuel W. Crompton. This beautiful coffee-table book has lots of maps, primary source material, and detail. Eliot’s contribution: “Accommodation, Exchange, and Warfare 1600 – 1700.”


WBOBThe Waldorf Book of Breads (Steinerbooks 2009), edited by Winslow Eliot and compiled by Marsha Post: What child doesn’t like to feel and knead bread dough, watch it rise, and then taste it fresh from the oven. These recipes have been handed down by grandmothers, mothers, aunts, and friends. They are easy to follow and encourage the baker, young and older alike, to use the best possible ingredients, and includes tasty breads for the daily table and specialty breads for the seasons and special occasions.


Romance novels written under pen name Ellie Winslow:

The Wine-Dark Sea (Signet/NAL 1983)
Painted Secrets
(Signet/NAL 1984)
Red Sky At Night
(Signet/NAL 1985)
A Distant Light
(Signet/NAL 1986)
Roman Candles
(Signet/NAL 1987)


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