March 3, 2014

Satyana Mystery Series

sati-rider-final-CS-tmpl(1)AVAILABLE NOW: a new mystery series – featuring a fortune-telling sleuth!

Satyana – or Sati, as her friends call her – is a bold and alluring intuitive counselor, who’s smart, fiercely loyal, has a big heart and a knack for getting into trouble.

SATI AND THE RIDER: In her first adventure, a charming young man brings an unexpected delivery and Sati’s life is changed forever. She’s thrown into an adventure of hide-and-seek, fraud, murder, and a strange cult, and she needs to use all her powers to follow a mysterious trail to its surprising end.

…anchanticleerd it’s a FINALIST in Chanticleer’s prestigious Mystery&Mayhem awards! 

You can read a preview here:

sati-clover-frontThe second in the series is SATI AND THE CLOVER. In this adventure, it looks as though Sati’s lucky new client might possess a winning lottery ticket. But does she? Then why is she so frightened? Sati is determined to find out. Bold and curious, she searches for a murderer in some unlikely places, only to find herself alone on a dangerous Scottish sea cliff, where she realizes that a four-leaf clover doesn’t always signify good luck.

Read a preview here:

What is it about the wonderful world of intuitive counseling that’s so appealing?

1-MagicianIf you’d like to learn more about the tools Sati uses in her sleuthing, especially the lenormand and tarot cards, there are many excellent resources, books, groups, teachers, communities, and helpers. Here are some places online to get you started:

and many, many more. This list is just a place to begin – you’ll find groups, courses, and communities just by opening this magical door one tiny bit…

sati-SHIP-mocupAnd if you’d rather continue your exploration in the smartly-gloved hands of Satyana, she’ll be back soon with her next adventure: SATI AND THE SHIP.


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