a long time ago
you were my friend
i don’t know what happened
to that particular ship

did we drift apart
or did we fight and I never knew?
did I hurt you?

one day we’ll dock in the same harbor
and meet each other
we’ll hug and walk
and drink some wine
and talk
on that far away island
at a small cafe
surrounded by vanilla vines
near a waterfall that flows
into clear sea

and you’ll tell me.

Yesterday was Good

Yesterday was good
long hours of light. a walk. a peaceful talk.
the sun like lavender oil
dusk like soft fleece
mostly solitude.

Last night
I slept so well
I can’t recall my dreams
they seem thick and warm and far away.

I awake to a brilliant summer dawn
Why do I keep wondering what is the purpose then of life?
Why can’t I breathe sweet fragrances
and eat delicacies, and lounge with friends
in the summer afternoon
and write for pleasure
and be content?

what about God and Self and Seeking and Love and Poetry?

Well – what about it? Perhaps there is no difference.

It’s Not What Happens to You

It’s not what happens to you
that counts
it’s how you respond

so whether you’re kissed
or whether you’re not

or whether you’re this
or that
or grow big
or remain a dot

if you’re successful and full of fun
or fighting for a cause
or staying at home

abandoned or cherished
or alone

nothing matters but that you stay the same
don’t get embittered
don’t feel ashamed
but live generously, kindly, and full of love
for people
for yourself
for the earth
and your God

and for the Rose
in the garden
that you planted
and adored
and tamed.

The Edge of the Shore

a sandpiper waits
at the edge of the shore
the sun shines hot
the breeze is stiff and bright
what is he waiting for

a wave leaps in
he jumps some more
stares out to sea
looks round at me
then waits again at the edge of the shore

I used to think
That life was more
Than jump and wait
And love and hate
Standing until your legs are sore

But now I know
That life is just a long wait by an open door
And peering through
And wondering too
What lies beyond what you can see from the shore.

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