WriteSpa 85 – Seeing the Future

We are sometimes told that ordinary people cannot see into the future. But is that true? Is the future really just a great grab bag of impenetrable blackness? What happens if it turns out that you’re looking into the future all the time, predicting it accurately, making it happen as you choose, arranging it as Read more about WriteSpa 85 – Seeing the Future[…]

WriteSpa 84 – Letting in the Light

Light is like energy, and energy is what you need to pour into yourself so you can reshape your creative self in new ways. Now is an opportunity to channel your life energies from darkness into light.

WriteSpa # 83—Which Voice Do You Listen To?

Recently, I was lucky enough to have Sheilaa Hite (author of The Spiritual Hedonist and The Infinite Tarot) as a guest on my BlogTalkRadio show. I asked her how we can tell the difference between the voice that she calls “mental chatter” (warning, advising, correcting) and the voice of the spirit (or your inner guide Read more about WriteSpa # 83—Which Voice Do You Listen To?[…]

WriteSpa #81 – The Year of the Snake

When you think of snakes, what comes to mind? Friendly, slithery little grass snakes slipping across your bare toes in summertime? A python wrapped around your arm while you dance? A cobra swaying to a snake charmer flute? Do you conjure up water snakes or tree snakes, dragons, or evocative statues? Rattlesnakes bravely protecting their Read more about WriteSpa #81 – The Year of the Snake[…]

A Five Year Plan

Socrates said (we are told): “Be how you wish to seem.”

It seems to me that’s a perfect instruction for creating a five year plan for yourself. I’ve been thinking about a five year plan a lot lately. There are several reasons for this, but perhaps the most important one is that the last time I created one was five years ago.

So here is a blueprint I made up, based on […]

Writing through the Year

The fourth volume of Writing through the Year – AUTUMN – is now available! Heartfelt gratitude to Claudia at Telemachus Press who made this possible. Here’s from a review of the earlier volumes: “Winslow Eliot knows a writer’s soul intimately because she herself is a writer, and a fine one at that. She has used Read more about Writing through the Year[…]

Writespa #73 – Hey, Beautiful!

In my editing practice, two words that writers overuse when they’re describing characters they want to impress you with are “beautiful” and “handsome.”

What, exactly, are they trying to say? What makes someone appear beautiful?

Especially irritating to me is when an author writes: “She used to be beautiful, but now she had a few wrinkles around her eyes…”

Argh. Irk. You’d be much better off saying,“She used to be twenty-two…” […]

WriteSpa #71 – Transitions

I wonder whether we pay enough attention to the delicate time of transitioning from one thing to the next. Moving from playtime to bedtime can bring on a tantrum. Moving from one job to another… […]

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