March 18, 2016

Private Sessions

Do you seek guidance on your life’s journey? Or need healing of a spiritual kind? Or want help in divining your soul’s purpose?

Using various metaphysical practices, I can help you to know yourself better and guide you to a place of inner well-being. 

I use hand reading, tarot, astrology, and clairvoyance as my main divining tools. I offer intuitive and pragmatic consultations to guide, motivate, calm, encourage, and inspire you.

Winslow Eliot Tarot OasisI’ve been in love with all these metaphysical practices from the early 1970s and began offering intuitive consultations in New York City in the early 1990s. I currently work as a metaphysical practitioner at Canyon Ranch Health Resort & Spa in Lenox, MA, as well as with my home-based clientele. I include many forms of healing and divination in our metaphysical healing sessions, including tarot, palmistry, astrology, mythology, hypno-therapy, and a tremendous love for people and helping them find their direction and inner peace.

” I left very much at peace and  with a feeling of empowerment, more trusting of my own perceptions however subtle, my own inner wisdom, and my ability to create change. Winslow is a gifted guide to whom I expect to turn again, when next the waters get murky.” MR

 “Winslow’s insights, combined with her knowledge, have created for me emotional, and therefore practical, breakthroughs. She has shown me the way through situations that appeared impenetrable, until I asked for her help.” MP

Please contact me if you’d like to connect. If you’d like more information about how it works, visit my Tarot Oasis.

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