July 6, 2014

Moon phases

I tend to be more conscious of the rhythm of the moon phases, even more so than the solar monthly calendar we all take for granted. Each moon cycle, I create a new moon tarot spread to get a feel for what is coming up, and to make sure that my energy waxes and wanes in a good order with my creative endeavors.

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailI highly recommend this practice! You’ll find focusing in this way brings a gentle, powerful rhythm to your soul life that’s rather like the rhythm of the waves washing onto shore.

You can print out the delicious casting sheet created by the fabulous Carrie Paris, and respond to the questions she poses there, or design your own spread. I echo her adage: “Your way is going to be the best way.”

There are also some exquisite astrological sites that offer plenty of detail and insight on the interplay of light and dark, birth, growth, transformation, and the journey through the sky of the moon, and how it interacts with the planets and fixed stars as it passes by, as well as how these myriad starry relationships may affect you.

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailI count on Astrograph’s software to help me cast new moon and other charts, and Henry Seltzer sends updated emails to me during each moonphase, which I appreciate also. I love DarkStarAstrology for their wild wisdom—highly recommended.



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