March 17, 2016

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A place to deepen and enhance your own clairvoyance.

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We are all clairvoyant – every single one of us. I’m here to help you develop and strengthen the clairvoyant skills you already possess. 

Days of the Week

Each day is like a sparkling jewel of energy, beauty, potential, and wisdom. I regard each like a friend or ally that I can rely on to help me live my life as fully as possible.

For many years, I’ve been consciously working with the energies of the days of the week, in all their various facets. Now I’ve created complimentary mini-lessons for you to use as an introduction to some of the wisdom and energy that permeates each day. I recommend bringing these into your daily life, in whatever way works best for you.

One of the greatest benefits I’ve experienced by bringing the various energies of each day to consciousness is the sense of equanimity or balance that naturally develops when we’re not too much focused on a certain aspect of ourselves. If we’re drawn to the gentle greens of Venusian Fridays, perhaps we need to bring more energizing Martian reds into our lives.

The way these energies work are not mere contrivances. Their correspondences are as ancient as time itself—lunar time, that is. Our days of the week are measured by the moon cycles: 28 days are divided by the four moon cycles. Our concept of time used to be moon-centered, not sun-centered, as we know from agricultural calendars and festivals.

Best of all, the more you consciously bring in the energy of each day into your life, the more you hone your innate intuitive wisdom. Noticing numbers and colors, meeting inner tasks and challenges, connecting with angels and archetypes, are all paths toward clairvoyance.



Here are some other short videos I’ve made that will help you develop and hone your intuitive self:

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