July 20, 2011

Bright Face of Danger Print Edition

Bright Face of Danger
(Telemachus Press 2010)

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Bright Face of Danger

One man wants to love her.

One man wants to silence her.

How long can she hide the shattering secret that puts her life in danger?

In the peaceful New England countryside, a shot rings out… and a pretty farm girl disappears with a scandalous secret that could destroy a political empire. A year later, she resurfaces as Lark Chandler, with a stunning new face and a glamorous identity. With one goal in mind – revenge – she moves from the decadent playgrounds of the European jet set to the thrilling, high-pressure world of Hollywood, where she dazzles the film industry and ignites the passions of handsome movie executive Dom Whitfield.

But as Dom romances Lark, the talented beauty who seems to have come out of nowhere, he is tormented by the feeling that he’s known her from before. Her careful reserve about her past haunts him. He will do anything for her – but what he does not know about his exciting new love is that she’s running away from one fateful night – and that someone is watching her … desperate enough to strike her dead.

“Don’t start this one late at night or you won’t get any sleep. Deftly plotted and highly recommended.” – Rendezvous

Available in softcover or hardcover, on your Kindle or any other e-reader device.

First published by St. Martin’s Press in 1993; new edition published by Telemachus Press 2010.

Order Bright Face of Danger Print Editions

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