This has been a good summer for fans of thriller author John Locke. He’s already published two novels and a third one was just released last week. But there’s also a lot happening on the international front.

On Reading John Locke’s “How I Sold A Million EBooks in 5 Months”

Last night I couldn’t sleep. My room was filled a silvery glow, the fragrance of wild roses, the sound of the crickets, and an owl kept hooting. The sun hardly set before it rose again. It all seemed too enchanting to miss.

But mostly I couldn’t sleep because I was reading John Locke’s book on “How I Sold A Million EBooks in 5 Months” and I couldn’t put it down. […]

Bestseller John Locke’s Take on Self-Publishing

Are you thinking about independently publishing your book? Or do you think that the only authors who self-publish are those who tried the mainstream route and didn’t make it? Thriller writer John Locke deliberately turned his back on the traditional publishing route, mostly, he told me, because he wanted to have fun.


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