Which charitable organization would benefit most from receiving free books?

I am mulling and researching what I thought was a great idea: “If you buy one of my books from my website, I’ll give a copy of that same book to…” But I’ve discovered that finding the best place to donate a book to isn’t all that easy.

WriteSpa #71 – Transitions

I wonder whether we pay enough attention to the delicate time of transitioning from one thing to the next. Moving from playtime to bedtime can bring on a tantrum. Moving from one job to another… […]

Around the World by Mistake

Around the World by Mistake
By Jane Winslow Eliot

In the summer of 1963 Jane and Alexander Eliot put the last of their money onto a trip around the world: a Yugoslav freighter that was scheduled to deliver all sorts of exotic goods from Rijecka to Osaka and then back again. They trusted to fate that they could pick up the pieces of their freelance writing lives again when they returned. […]

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