July 7, 2008

Mentoring and Coaching

If you’re seeking individual mentoring, writing consulting, or coaching, let me know. I incorporate metaphysical insights into our sessions, helping you to find your true voice in your writing.

Clients include novelists, poets, students, business professionals, and published
and aspiring authors. For details, please contact me at winsloweliot@gmail.com


Here’s what bestselling author John Locke says about my editing services:

“In my experience, there are two types of editors. While both seek out errors, inconsistencies and punctuation issues, only the second type will take a personal interest in your work in order to help you become a better author. This is the type of editor Winslow Eliot is, and no one will go the extra mile to help you like she will…You’re in for a treat. Winslow will take you on an editing adventure! Her margin comments are legendary! She encourages you to be better, never talks down to you, and keeps her eye on the goal, to help you complete the best manuscript possible.” –John Locke, Author, Lethal People, Lethal Experiment, Saving Rachel

And from author Steve Hadden: “I’ve been in the business world long enough to know great value when I see it—and Winslow Eliot’s editing is the best value proposition I’ve found in the writing business.” –Steve Hadden, Author The Sunset Conspiracy, Genetic Imperfections and Swimming Monkeys

“She was able to work within my magazine article’s tight deadline and help me, both over the phone, with organizational concepts, and via email, with detailed textual edits.  She was thorough, but above all, unfailingly patient and reassuring at all times. I look forward to her assistance in the future and couldn’t more highly recommend her services to anyone looking to finish a piece of writing in a professional manner.” –Duncan Brine, Horticultural Design, Inc., gardenlarge.com

“To say I am pleased with the results is an understatment. She not only corrected errors, grammar and the continuity, but she kept pushing me for so much more. I never expected her to take such a personal interest in me as an author. My editor is perfectly sublime! I have been blessed to have her. She is truly gifted as an editor, sidebar comments and all!” –Peggy A. Edelheit, Author of Without Any Warning, The Puzzle, 86 Avenue du Goulet


Encouragement – guidance – writing skills.

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