Making Up New Words

Making Up New Words
They say that the Sami people, who live in the land closest to the Arctic Circle, have over a thousand words for snow, but none for just ‘snow’ – as we refer to it. I have often felt that our word ‘love’ could use  at least 1,000 words to replace how we generally use it, and yet the closest I’ve discovered for  a more specific meaning is whe [...]

Writing as Life: Nancy Christie

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Please come to  WriteSpa – An Oasis for Writers on Thursday, July 22 for a special summer BlogTalkRadio treat: meet the celebrated Nancy Christie.  Writing is not only what Nancy does—on a deeper level, it’s really what she is. Writing is not just how she makes her living—it’s how she lives her life. Fiction is Christie’s passion, and i [...]

Doing Nothing

Summer in Alford Valley
“How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterward.”                                                     Spanish proverb Summertime. People who know me well have had to listen to my emphatic discourse on the value of ‘doing nothing’ for a long time now, and not just during an occasional drowsy summer afternoon. I’ve claim [...]

Winslow Eliot interviewed on LifeScap...

Listen To Spirituality Internet Radio Stations with LifeScape Radio on BlogTalkRadio with LifeScape Radio on BlogTalkRadio I’m honored to be a guest on Kosmic Koffee With Kooch Daniels - a weekly radio show that Kooch hosts on LifeScape Radio.  If you missed the show, you can still listen to the archive, above.  We talked about my awar [...]

Scottish Odyssey with Sheilaa Hite

Current Writing Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with WriteSpa Oasis for Writers on BlogTalkRadio Today on WriteSpa’s BlogTalkRadio show: This coming October 2014, the glorious Sheilaa Hite is going to lead an expedition to the Scottish Highlands and Islands, taking us into the heart of some of the most sacred portals in the northern hemisp [...]

Why I Dance

Mark deMasi - 5-29-14
Check Out Writing Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with WriteSpa Oasis for Writers on BlogTalkRadio Join me on WriteSpa’s BlogTalkRadio on Thursday, May 29, 2014 at 5 pm for some dancing and writing and more dancing!  One of the most well-known cards of the Tarot is the Magician, or the Juggler. Every esoteric path begins with the Magician, [...]

Beltaine on WriteSpa

New Writing Internet Radio with WriteSpa Oasis for Writers on BlogTalkRadio Today on WriteSpa – An Oasis for Writers: It’s the first day of May and I thought I would use it as a jumping off place for a spring writing practice. The first of May falls at the height of spring and is most familiar to us as the ancient Celtic holiday [...]


Satyana – or Sati, as her friends call her – is a bold and alluring intuitive consultant, who’s smart, fiercely loyal, has a big heart and a knack for getting into trouble. In her second adventure, a stressed-out woman hides something of great value in Sati’s little house in New York City…without her knowing. A murder, a kidnapping, and a web [...]

Jane Yolen on WriteSpa Teen

the potential in all things
Jane Yolen, often called “the Hans Christian Andersen of America,” is the author of over 350 published books, including OWL MOON, THE DEVIL’S ARITHMETIC, and HOW DO DINOSAURS SAY GOODNIGHT. The books range from rhymed picture books and baby board books, through middle grade fiction, poetry collections, nonfiction, and up to [...]

The Art of Collecting Poetry

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New Writing Podcasts with WriteSpa Oasis for Writers on BlogTalkRadio Brian Paul Allison has memorized over five hundred poems and recites line-ups created from them in a performance called Poetry-Theater, Tour de Force. His new book, The Art of Collecting Poetry, shows you ways to create your own anthology to get the most enjoyment from you [...]
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