Jane Yolen on WriteSpa Teen

Jane Yolen, often called “the Hans Christian Andersen of America,” is the author of over 350 published books, including OWL MOON, THE DEVIL’S ARITHMETIC, and HOW DO DINOSAURS SAY GOODNIGHT. The books range from rhymed picture books and baby board books, through middle grade fiction, poetry collections, nonfiction, and up to [...]

The Art of Collecting Poetry

New Writing Podcasts with WriteSpa Oasis for Writers on BlogTalkRadio Brian Paul Allison has memorized over five hundred poems and recites line-ups created from them in a performance called Poetry-Theater, Tour de Force. His new book, The Art of Collecting Poetry, shows you ways to create your own anthology to get the most enjoyment from you [...]

Color Therapy Month with Eleyne-Mari

New Writing Internet Radio with WriteSpa Oasis for Writers on BlogTalkRadio On this week’s WriteSpa BlogTalkRadio show, Eleyne-Mari will share her extraordinary wisdom as a color therapist and spiritual aromatherapist as well as her gift as a writing muse. Eleyne-Mari offers writing workshops and virtual writing spas for adults and chi [...]

Sati and the Rider

AVAILABLE NOW: a new mystery series – featuring a fortune-telling sleuth! On Kindle. In Paperback. Satyana – or Sati, as her friends call her – is a bold and alluring intuitive consultant, who’s smart, fiercely loyal, has a big heart and a knack for getting into trouble. SATI AND THE RIDER: In her first adventure, a charming young man brings [...]

Who is Claude Bouchard?

Online Writing Radio at Blog Talk Radio with WriteSpa Oasis for Writers on BlogTalkRadio He’s many things! He’s best known for his smart, wise-cracking, fast-paced, quirky, original, and thrilling crime mysteries, the Vigilante series, but he is also an artist, a musician, a traveler, an entrepreneur, and a friend to almost half [...]

Soul of Color

New Writing Internet Radio with WriteSpa Oasis for Writers on BlogTalkRadio If you missed WriteSpa’s BlogTalkRadio show on Thursday, January 16, here’s a link to listen to it. It’s based on one of my most-requested WriteSpa writing practices: How to incorporate color – not just into your writing, but into your day, we [...]

Paradoxical Thinking on WriteSpa Radi...

Check Out Writing Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with WriteSpa Oasis for Writers on BlogTalkRadio Studies involving fifty or so Nobel prize winners in physiology, chemistry, medicine and physics, as well as Pulitzer Prize-winning writers and other artists, reveal a surprising similarity in their creative process. Called ‘Janusian thinking [...]

On Sex, Dolphins, Procrastination, an...

Succulence revolutionary Saida Desilets describes in her book “Emergence of the Sensual Woman” how during sex women have an innate need to be filled and that men long to be completely emptied. She illustrates this with two spirals, the female one starting from the outside and spiraling inward toward the center, and the male one beginning at t [...]

Fifty Shades of Effort – I̵...

Writers and entrepreneurs Tom Lowery and Cheryl Conner have collaborated on an article in FORBES magazine about why writers continue to write when it seems as though there might be an easier path to take. Writing is 5% talent and 95% hard work – very hard work. As Tom discovered when he interviewed a number of writers for Huffington Post, &# [...]

Around the World by Mistake

Today is my mother’s birthday … I thought it would be fun to share an excerpt from her book called “Around the World by Mistake”, the story of a freighter trip we took many years ago. Happy birthday, Jane Winslow Eliot!  I had stopped against the last three rungs at the top of the ancient iron fire ladder, almost half [...]
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